3 Way Manifolds

Model 302
Direct Mounting for
Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model: 302
2X Female X Flanged H-Type
Double block- Single equalize Download data sheet
Model 303
Closed Couple - Direct Mounting
Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model: 303
Flanged X Flanged H-Type
Double Block- Single equalize Download data sheet
Remote Mounting on
Differential Pressure Transmitter

Model: 307
2X Female X 2X Female
Double block- Single equalize
Download data sheet
Direct Mounting Transmitter
Model: 329
2X Female X Flanged
Double block- Single Equalize
Download data sheet
Gauge Manifold
Model: 332
Male X Female
Double Block- Single bleed
Download data sheet
Direct Mounting Transmitter
Model: 306
2X Female X Flanged
Double Block- Single Equalize
Download data sheet
Gauge Manifold
Model: 333
Female X Female
Double block- Single bleed
Download data sheet

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