Astava Safety Manifolds

Astava Safety Manifolds replace standard pressure instrumentation manifolds when it comes to avoid human failures. Humans make failures and can cause unsafe situations and un-planned process shutdowns when a manifold is not operated correctly. This has negative consequences for us, our environment, our assets and income. Astava Safety Manifolds help to avoid these RISKS.

The Astava Safety Manifolds are supplied for:

. pressure measurement
. differential presssure measurement
. flow measurement with DP
. level measurement with DP
. sampling applications

With flowschemes:

. single block / single bleed
. block-bleed
. block-bleed-block
. block-block-bleed
. block-block-equalize-bleed-bleed
. etc.

Valve position indication with proximity switch:

. on block valve(s)
. on bleed valve(s)

Some examples:


For the Astava Safety Manifolds pdf click here.

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