Enclosures Solutions


Enclosures Solutions

Astava manufactured range of full instrument housing under the product range HA – Housing Astava. For more info visit our Enclosures page.

Different components

With the Enclosures Astava can create complete solutions. Including diverse branches of connectors, cable-glands, terminal junction boxes, heaters, thermostats (differentials, level, gauge and absolute) pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, as well as different branches of manifold, flanges, and other instrumentation equipment. Take a look at the sample pictures to get an impression and contact Astava at RFQ@ASTAVA.COM.

You can also order documentation of the Enclosure Solution, Pressure test on the products, Atex certificates, Material certificates of wetted parts, PMI reports. Please ask for more information.

Different Assembling Options

Bottom or back-wall mounting, terminal boxes inside of outside, rear wall and bottom mounting brackets, removable top-lid as option.

04 Enclosure solutions - 04
01 Enclosure solutions - AB9V0669 kopiren and AB9V0670 kopiren
01 Enclosure solutions - AB9V1183
01 Enclosure solutions - Venturi Assemblies

For more options please, contact sales@astava.com