Flushing Rings


Astava Flushing Rings are available in the following types.

  1. welded with weld neck flanges
  2. welded with ball valves

The flushing flange or ring is used for flushing solution combined with diaphragm seals. This type of flushing flange or ring is clamped between process nozzle and diaphragm seal.


  • The flushing ports allow the washing out of particles accumulated in front of the membrane.
  • The pressure chamber can be vented or drained or filled with a cleaning liquid and subsequently flushed, depending on the requirement.
  • Various nominal widths and forms allow adaption to the respective process flange.

Please find below some options and possibilities.

For more information about our products please contact RFQ@ASTAVA.COM.

Or contact our sales team by phone: +31 (0)522 237030.


Additional Information

Technical specifications:
Rating: 150lbs up to 2500lbs, others on request.
Process Connections: RTJ or RF with or without bolt holes.
Flange sizes: 1/2″ (DN15) up to 4” (DN100).
Material: AISI316(L), Alloy C-276, Alloy400, Alloy 625, Alloy 718, Alloy 825,
Alloy C22, Alloy K500, Duplex 1.4462, Super Duplex,
254 Smo (EN 1.4547), Titanium, ASTM A350 LF2 Carbon Steel.
Others on request.
Flushing port size: 1/2-14 NPT (F).
1/4-18 NPT (F).
Weld connection Butt weld.
Weld connection Socket weld.
Nominal pipe size: 1/8” (10,3mm) up to 1” (33,4mm).
Schedule: SCHEDULE 10 up to Schedule 160.
Flushing method: Weld tube bw/bw or sw/bw, Length to be defined.
Angular weld tube bw/bw or bw/sw, Length to be defined.
Flushing Connection type: 1/2″ Ball valve (BW 1/2-14 NPT F).
Flange welded, rating according to process connection.
Accessories: Swagelok connectors with plug & chain, Blind Plugs.

Astava datasheet – for more information click here.

For more options please, contact sales@astava.com

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