The market in which Astava is experienced for over 50 years with a wide range of products. Starting with general valves and manifold from AISI 316 material up to solutions for high toxic areas with special alloyed applications and low fugitive emission solutions.

Following product groups are supplied:

  • Valves / Manifolds
  • Instrument housings
  • Modular mounting systems
  • Astava Interlocking solutions
  • Air Distribution manifolds
  • Monoflanges
  • Slimline monoflanges
  • Tailor made products

In addition, complete assembled instrument housings (including heating, junction box, measuring devices and manifolds) are being engineered and classified in accordance with customer specification.

Range of pressure: up to 10.000 psi.
Range of temperature max: up to 600°C.
Range of temperature min: -196°C.



For this industry Astava is partner for complete instrument hook-ups and accessories like sealpots, pulsation dampeners. Often high temperatures and aggressive fluids and gasses are part of the applications.

Following product groups are supplied:

  • Valves
  • Manifolds
  • Instrument housings
  • Modular mounting systems
  • Air Distribution manifolds
  • Monoflanges
  • Sealpots
  • Tailor made products


Since the mid 70’s Astava is also active in the nuclear industry for the supply of solutions for Bellow Sealed valves and ASME valves. Engineering, welding, penetrant testing and helium leak testing is executed within our company by our own certified staff.

Following product groups are supplied:

  • Bellow sealed
  • ASME valves
  • Scram valves
  • Vent valves
  • Purge plug
  • Special products

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