Nuclear Valves


Since 1967 is Astava active in the nuclear market, supplying the market with a wide range of instrumentation valves. Products for the primary, secondary and tertiary circuit are available. Including conformance to the International standards like ASME, TBM/KBM or RCC-M.

The valves can be divided into different groups:

  1. BELLOW SEALED (-28 models)
  2. ASME bonnet (-05 models)

And further dividing by:

1-way valve –

  • Single block
  • Single vent

2-way valves –

  • Block-bleed

3-way valves –

  • Double block Equalize
  • Block-Bleed-Block

4-way valves –

  • Double Block-Equalize-Bleed

5-way valves –

  • Double Block – Double Equalize – Vent
  • Double Block – Equalize – Double Vent

For the nuclear market Astava has special product like:


For more information about our products please contact RFQ@ASTAVA.COM.

Or contact our sales team by phone: +31 (0)522 237030.


Additional Information

Below mentioned gives a general overview of Astava capabilites. For further information please, contact Astava nuclear department at

Technical specifications:
Process connections: Butt weld, socket weld, thread.
Instrument connections: Butt weld, socket weld, thread.
Packing material: Bellow.
Nuclear quality grafoil.
Rating: Up to 2500 lbs, up to 10.000 psi.
Materials: AISI 316L, others on request.
Design codes: ASME*, RCCM*.
Quality system: Qualified by TUV ISO 9001.
NDO qualifications: Qualified by SKNDO EN 473.
Welders qualifications: Qualified by TUV EN 287-1.

*added customer specific requirements

For more options please, contact

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