Astava products are used in all continents of the world. For serving the market in the different regions and countries Astava deals either directly with the end-user through our office in the Netherlands or is represented by a local distributor, agent or stockist. For extending our worldwide coverage Astava is always willing to survey possibilities to build a relation with local companies and therefor invites you to contact us at



Middle East



South America

Wintershall AG
EON / Ruhrgas AG
Shell EP Europe / Nam B.V.
BP / Amoco
Gaz de France

Sakhalin EIC
OAO Russia
Agip KCO

ADNOC – Takreer
ADNOC – Adma Opco
ADNOC – Zadco
ADNOC – Adco
Qatar Petroleum
Kuwait Petroleum
Saudi Aramco
PDO Oman
Wintershall Libya

Shell Singapore
Sarawak Shell Berhad
Brunei Shell Petroleum
Petrobas Malaysia

Shell Gabon
Agip Gas
Shell Nigeria
Nigeria LNG


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