For Buffer and Drain functions Astava supplies Buffer and Drain pots.

The Buffer/Seal pot is used in level application and is designed to act as a buffer for redundant fluids from the process in the wet leg. If there is redundant fluid in the process the Buffer pot collects this so the fluid will never reach the dry leg and effects the measurement.

The Drain pot is used in a level application at the bottom of the measurement and is for collecting redundant fluid. During inspection of the process the redundant fluid collected can be drained.

Please find below some options and possibilities.

For more information about our products please contact RFQ@ASTAVA.COM.
Or contact our sales team by phone: +31 (0)522 237030.

Additional Information

General specification:

  • Volume up to 500 cc
  • Ratings up to 413 barg
  • Temperatures up to 600 Degr. Celsius
  • Welding performed in house
  • CE marking in accordance with PED 97

For more options please, contact

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