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Supply agreement

NAM/SHELL EPE has a contract with Astava for the supply of instrument manifolds and cabinets. The supply agreement is for instrument manifolds and accessories, such as body-enclosures, installation supports, junction boxes, heaters. In addition the measuring devices like pressure gauges and transmitter can be ordered under NAM/SHELL EPE conditions. Assembling and pressure testing will be executed prior to shipment to location. All products are in accordance with NSS- 40D-701


The product delivered under the contract are rated from up to 2500 lbs and 10.000 psi. For detailed information on product code please find below dataheets for the models applied undr NSS-40D-701. Standard material applied is SS 316 / SS 316 L dual certified. Besides these standard products also special alloys like Duplex, Monel and Alloy 825 are available.

General datasheets

Remote Mounted Close Coupled 
M5T download M9 download
M6T download M13 download
M16 download M13T download
M8 download M14 download
M17 download M15 download
M20 download


P Pressure Transmitters download
PG Pressure Gauges download
DP (Flow) Differential Pressure-(incl. Flowtransmitters)  download
L Level transmitters download
MV Multi Variable transmitters download

Fugitive Emission Testing

All products delivered under the supply agreement are Fugitive Emmission Tested according SHELL SPE 77.312. and registered under TAMAP. As per pressure class applied testing has been executed:

77.312 -50 tot 200 Degr C 600 lbs

77.312 -50 tot 200 Degr C 1500 lbs

77.312 -50 tot 200 Degr C 2500 lbs

Non NSS products supplied

As part of the scope of supply also standard products like needle valves, anti tamper keys, flushing rings and sealpots are part of the scope delivered to NAM. For more information vist astava product overview page.